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SocialMediaCafe Prototyping

I know the meeting to which this post is referring was actually held about 2 weeks ago, but it has been hectic at my end!I met Lloyd at Web2 Berlin when he presented a session on interactions between people and the differences between online and offline interactions (side note: my spell checker refuses to recognize offline, but will recognize online, weird) (well that was what I understood from it). The ultimate goal is to set up a “Social Media Cafe”, a melting pot, if you will, of people from various parts of the social media world who can come together in a social space and enjoy the real world, and gain from the extra value we receive from real world interactions.  To start this process, Lloyd organised a prototyping meeting a few weeks back which I turned up to (albeit a bit late).I was very please with the diversity and mix of people at the meeting, it was very impressive. Nice balance of men and women and a complete mix of backgrounds from BizDevs to SoftDevs and Podcasters to Lawyers, all very exciting. Everyone was agreed that this is a ReallyGoodIdea and should totally go ahead in some form or other.We all split into little groups where we discussed aspects, and my group was discussing projects inside the Social Meida Cafe and we came up with ideas such as individuals there designating themselves as working alone, looking for work, etc, and for projects in the space to be listed as person, non-profit, or commercial, with the spin off concept that the Cafe could project manage and make profit that way by finding resources for projects amongst the diverse congregation.All in all, I’m very excited.


see more photos at flickr