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Bad Web Design

I’ve just received an email that made me smile. This is quite possibly one of the worst examples of visual formatting I have ever seen. And its from IC Web Design Society!!!! Ok, I know I’m not exactly the best visual designer out there, but come on guys!I’ve stuck it below the fold to avoid  scaring new readers to my blog away! Continue reading


Deja-vu and beyond

This won’t be the most exciting first post to my new blog, but I really don’t have time right now to tell all. A bath is running, and I should be writing two essays (simultaniously), but I felt compelled to record my latest experience of that weird sensation know as Deja-Vu.

I was in the Apple Store Regent Street (which is where I work, fyi) and two guys walk in and start asking me questions about this and that, you know, the iPhone (less than 24 hours now!), Leopard, AppleCare, and this huge wave of Deja-Vu set in.

Now I can’t remember the scientific explanation for it, but I know there is a really cool one, which involves something about your visual cortex not processing as fast as some other part of your brain, and thus by the time you visually process the scene some other part of your brain recognises this as a memory (all be it a very very recent one) and tricks you into thinking you can predict the future. Its all very exciting and clever, and I’m probably totally wrong about how it works, but I think I gave it a good shot!